College students are young adults. They have a discretion of their own but need to experiment with their ideas to shape that plan into practicality. Introducing 3d printing training course for college students in India can be a great start since it will provide them with the liberty to express themselves in the language of 3D printed objects.

When an art student at the G.D Goenka University, Gurgaon wanted to bring her vision of a futuristic animal to life last semester, she didn’t draw, paint, or sculpt it. She printed it—in three dimensions—using a machine that rendered her design from the powdered bone. That is the power of creativity! Something that only this technology can unfold. Not merely engineers or science majors, but every student in any subject can use this technology to his/her aid. Some proponents argue that nearly every discipline could benefit from the ability to easily create objects from customized designs. It is astounding that you can print out a desired 3-D object and literally breathe life into it with cells that are essentially computer software! It is not just about progress or advancement, it’s an empowerment to today’s youth. To give them the power to create. It also gives them the opportunity to recycle waste (plastic) into something productive. They are India’s tomorrow and by fostering their innate abilities and with the boon of 3D printing technology, we can ensure that our future lies in safe hands. Someone with an innovative zeal and creative origin can prove to be a great asset for our country.


3d printing courses will be of great interest for students who want to be professionals working in the areas of engineering, design and manufacturing who would like to learn more about 3D Printing and its applications.

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