As we all are moving to get ourselves updated to new technologies, 3D Printing in India is finally making its way into Indian schools, colleges and various vocational institutions.

3Dexter, one of the leading 3D printing company in India is providing experiential learning processes at the grass-root level through 3D Printing Technology. It aims at revolutionizing the classrooms by making students aware of this futuristic technology.

They have designed the 3d Printing curriculum in sync with the CBSE, IB and ICSE board to impart 3D Printing and Designing skills with proper classroom integration of the various subjects being taught to students. 3Dexter has taken an initiative to make people aware of the wonders of 3D printing and how it can benefit the educational industry. To achieve this, 3Dexter has been providing free workshops to schools from classes 3rd to 9th. In these workshops, students are oriented with 3D printers, 3D pens, and even 3D scanners.

Once the school welcomes 3Dexter on board, it’s time to revamp their old computer labs into new high-tech 3D designing labs. Further, each school is provided with teachers who are experts in 3D printing and act as added faculty to the school. These teachers with the help of the existing subject teachers help in synchronizing 3D printing with their school curriculum.

Till now 3Dexter has executed more than 50 3D printing workshops in Delhi itself and is broadening its base by giving 3D printing workshops in Hyderabad and Chennai too. 3Dexter is all set to create such 3D printing labs in India and integrate them with the subjects.



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As we all are moving to get ourselves updated to new technologies, 3D Printing...



What is the scope of 3d printing in India?

3D printers are emerging as a key growing printing technology in the global landscape. In India, the market for 3D printers is at its nascent stage; however, offers huge growth opportunities in the coming years.

Is 3D printing a good career in India?

There are many direct and indirect job opportunities that 3D Printing Industry in India is expected to create in the coming years:

  1. Designer jobs: The job of a 3d printing company relies on designers heavily. It is the Designers who convert and translate the ideas into real things.
  2. Medical device design: The use of 3D printing is being done extensively in the fields of product designs, medical device design, and entertainment design etc.
  3. CAD experts: The CAD experts are trained individuals who know how to convert a product design into a digital blueprint that 3D printers need.
  4. Research and development: In the field of research and development, there will be a tremendous need for manpower.
  5. It is being used to create prosthetic limbs and even human tissues. The utilization of 3D printing in the field of medicine can save lives, to create drones and other defense equipment. This will increase the demand for engineers, modelers, and designers in this field having a scientific or biomedical background.
  6. Architecture industry: The 3D Printing and Designing has a great scope in the field of Architecture and Construction industry. It will replace the current 2D printing solutions.

Education field: The schools, colleges, and universities in India have started developing 3D printing courses at all the grade levels.