3D printing education

It is the innovations of the present that transcend into future. Change is inevitable in life, and every opportunity to transform things into something better should be seized. The world works on experimentation and risks, trying methods or techniques to enhance pre-existing technologies or to create new ones. One such latest technology is 3D printing. An emerging trend of 3D printing in Chennai has gained attention among people. Chennai which is also known as the IT capital of India is doing well by updating itself with the 3D printing technology.

To help Chennai match up with this technology, 3Dexter has taken a step forward and integrated 3D printing with education. 3Dexter has designed a curriculum that is integrated with their school subjects. With the motive of enhancing their academics, It also aims at enhancing the technical prowess of the students but also give them the power to take their creativity and ideas to a totally different level. We at 3Dexter believe that experiential learning has the capacity to teach a student in a far better way than any other form of teaching. These 3D design tech lab which is installed in the schools are fully equipped with 3D printers, 3d printing pens and materials, along with that 3dexter also provide teachers that are specially trained in 3D printing which with the help of the school teachers help in aligning 3D printing with the school curriculum.

3D printing has uses over 120 industries and has a very bright future in India. 3Dexter envisions to keep the young generation in pace with the rapid changes in the technology. Young minds are very susceptible and can easily adapt to change. If they are trained well in 3D printing now, they can give very impressive results by the time 3D printing reaches in numerous industries in India.

Moreover, because 3D printing is aligned with their school curriculum, it doesn’t act as an extra burden to the kids. Instead, it only helps them in visualizing and understanding their concepts better. Getting the students involved with these subjects at a young age could nurture their interest and spawn the next generation of engineers and makers, which will give them a future and solve a major problem for the world at large.



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