3D Pen printing in school

3D printing has exceptional uses in a large number of sectors, but the most innovative and revolutionary use is in the field of education. And 3Dexter is one company that has been successful in implementing that. 3Dexter is a company which has set up a school curriculum to develop 3D modeling and printing as a skill in young minds. 3Dexter envisions this technology to be at the core of higher education and an enabler of innovation.The main agenda of this company revolves around the objective of “Adding Dimensions to Learning”. Kids are exposed to real life projects and this technology will boost their critical thinking, creativity and approach to problem solving techniques.

After getting some great response from Delhi, 3Dexter is planning to bring 3D Printing in Hyderabad. Our basic aim will remain the same i.e. to involve as many institutions we can for this new 3D printing technology. Hyderabad being such a promising market when it comes to collaborating technology with education is now ready to incorporate 3D printing into their schools. To make the schools aware about this revolutionary technology, 3Dexter has started a campaign in which free workshops are conducted and students are oriented with 3D printers, 3D printing pen and even 3D scanners. Once the school welcomes 3Dexter on board, the first step 3Dexter takes is upgrading their old computer labs into high-tech 3D design labs. And soon after setup phase is done,teachers that are specially trained in 3D printing are deployed to start their teaching sessions.

Except this, the weekly competition of 3D printing (i.e Dexter Designing League) which has been a huge success in Delhi will also be initiated in Hyderabad for schools that enroll with 3Dexter. Bringing 3D printing in Hyderabad can change the way subjects are being taught in schools. Students can experience anything their imagination wants them to.

Getting the students involved with 3D printing in their subjects at a young age could nurture their interest and spawn the next generation of engineers and makers, which will give them a future and solve a major problem for the world at large. In a nutshell, 3D Printing in Hyderabad has a lot of potential and with the passage of time its going to cover majority schools in Hyderabad.

Benefits of 3D Printing in Hyderabad

3Dexter as the leading 3D printing company is opening the door to a digital reinvention of worldwide manufacturing. A team of highly skilled specialists is capable of meeting the requirements of customers in terms of time and perfection, no matter how stringent your requirement is. We are manufacturer of our own 3D Printer Series, along with this we are OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) of many companies. We are almost in every state of India, with head office located in Delhi.

3Dexter has taken a step forward and integrated 3D printing with education. 3Dexter offer fully customized curriculum based on STEM education and subject integration.

This is an innovative step to not only boosts their academics but also let them shape their ideas into reality. Leaving behind the old method of teaching, we are providing a platform for experiential learning. 3D Design tech labs that are installed in the schools are well equipped with the 3D printers, 3D pen, along with the experienced trainer. The curriculum of 3D Printing is designed in such a way that it aligns with their regular classes.

3Dexer is well known for its education service. In addition, we also provide a high-quality 3D printing, 3D scanning, 3D pen and prototype service in Hyderabad. We provide the best customized 3D printing and prototype services in Hyderabad. We are best at providing FDM services. Our team of professionals is putting their heart to achieve customer’s requirements, you can get your designed or printed parts within a few days of your inquiry and 3D printer as per your requirements. The printer that 3Dexter offer are having different specification and build volume.

Why Choose Our 3D Printing Service in Hyderabad?

  • We are only Edutech company in India dealing with 3D printing.
    • We have experience working in schools
    • We have prestigious organizations like DPS, Presidium as our Clientele.
    • Academic enhancement
    •  Weekly classes
    • 3D Software’s
  • We have a highly qualified team and trainers.
  • We manufacture our own Printers with the required specification and build volumes.
  • We provide great service and feedback- We send our team over if there is any problem arrives with the printer.
  •  Quality assurance
  • Affordable 3D Printing and Printers
  • On-time delivery

How Works are done at a 3Dexter?

  • Provide a workshop to the educational institute’s students and teachers for their orientation.
  • Setup the Design-Technology lab for the students by upgrading their existing computer labs.
  • We start with weekly classes where our curriculum aligned with the school.
  • We further test students through our quarterly assessments which are designed to enhance their 3D printing knowledge along with the rest of the subject in their curriculum.
  • We also conduct competitions between our member school to encourage the ideas and talent in 3D printing and designing sector in students of all age group.
  • We design our curriculum according to all age group of the students, it includes 3D designing software, Slicing software (all steps of FDM Printing), 3D pen designing and hands-on 3D printer.


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What areas will 3D printing impact the most?

3D printing is a component of the maker movement, which has benefits to communities, education, entrepreneurship, and traditional enterprises. It helps foster the creation of new products and new companies and teaches skills transferable into a wide variety of technical and professional jobs.

The manufacturing industry is undergoing a vast transformation of which 3D printing is one element. Physicians can print physical models of portions of patient anatomy to better visualize procedures and demonstrate practice. Engineers in factories can create custom jigs and fixtures that both save time and reduce injury during the manufacturing process. Communities’ foster maker spaces that teach STEM skills and aid in the start-up of new businesses, thereby creating new jobs and local opportunities.

What are the most common materials used for 3D printing?

New 3D printing machines are also being developed to print different kinds of materials such as plastics, metals, composites and many more.

Some of the materials used for industrial 3D printing are:

1)      PLA (Polylactic Acid)

2)       ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene)

3)       PET/PETG Polyethylene terephthalate

4)       Nylon(known as polyamide)

5)       PolyAmide (PA)

6)       High Impact Polystyrene (HIPS)

7)      Thermoplastic Elastomer (TPE)

8)      Ceramic

9)      Metals

●        Gold/silver

●       Stainless steel

●       Titanium