The 3D Printing pens are essentially a new category of devices that has appeared due to the big interest in consumer-oriented low cost 3D printers in the last few years.These 3D Pens are simpler and more handy form of 3D Printers which help you bring your ideas into reality. The goal is not to get precise products such as the 3D Printers make but to give your designs a more realistic touch by getting them in 3D.

3Dexter has launched it’s very own ” The Fiddler” 3D pen to cater the needs of young innovators especially the students. These 3D Pens allow innovators to let their imagination run free and literally start drawing three-dimensional physical objects instead of sketching on a piece of paper.The fact that 3D printing pens do not require any special software, knowledge or skills to be used makes them cool gadgets for everyone.

3D Printing Pen



With the launch of Fiddler,3Dexter aims to empower the young minds who are looking to take a step ahead and give a realistic touch to their creations.

3D Pen Printing

Technical Specifications

  • Filament Diameter 1.75mm
  • Voltage Requirement 5V
  • Printing Material PLA
  • USB connection and portable power charger
  • All buttons at 45 degrees, as per latest Human Engineering design
  • Allows both Fast and Slow drawing
  • Unique nozzle protection that reduces skin contact

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What are 3d pens used for?

3D Pens are hand-held additive manufacturing devices used for creating 3 Dimensional objects using your hand movements. These are similar to a 3D Printer, with the difference being that 3D Pens provide a lot more flexibility and ease of usage as compared to a 3D Printer. The amount of technical knowhow required is also low, with even a 10 year old kid able to use it easily. The accuracy though is much lower than that of a 3D Printer,alongwith the human errors that might creep in while making a model.

What can you do with a 3d printing pen?

A 3D Pen can be used to make 3D shapes , which can in turn be combined to make 3D objects. A beginner can start with simple 2D models like basic shapes , then combine them to make elementary 3D models ( e.g. a house , flower ). As her level of expertise with the 3D Pen grows, she can then make complex models like architectural replicas and life size insect models.

How do 3d printing pens work?

3D Pens use PLA ( Poly Lactic Acid )as the raw material. The material gets inserted from one end, which then gets heated up and then extruded from the opposite end. Once the material comes out of the nozzle , it solidifies, akin to wax solidifying once it cools down. The layers are then combined to make a 3D model.

How long does it take for a 3d pen to charge?

3D Pens are usually plug and play,i.e. you can connect it to a power source and start using it.Some 3D Pens also come with a detachable USB cable, so can just plug it in to your laptop and use it on the go!