3D Printing Workshops & Applications

If you still think that 3D printing is just another name for rapid prototyping,it’s time you update yourself. 3D printing also known as additive manufacturing is a technique wherein with the help of 3D modelling files an object can be easily replicated right in front of your eyes.They work like the traditional inkjet printers, but instead of ink, a 3D printer deposits desired material to manufacture an object from its digital format. Now a days 3D printing has been used in multiple industries varying from automobile, fashion to medical industry. 3D printing is one of the most recent developments which has completely revamped the way objects are manufactured.

Hence 3Dexter feels there is a dire need to understand and decode this technology. With these 3d printing workshops 3Dexter aims to make people aware about 3D printing and show them it’s future prospects.

3d printing workshop

After attending this 3d printing workshop you will become a frontrunner in 3D printing technology. Just Kidding! No one can maneuver this industry so easily.But yes we will make sure you have a lot of opportunities ahead and get our full support in exploring the 3D printing industry. After attending these workshops students can also enrol into advanced courses taking them to the next level in 3D Printing.


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