3d printing workshop

3D printing, a technology which is not known to many is reaching schools so that students can finally print their imagination. This initiative has being taken by 3Dexter, a company which has set up a school curriculum to develop 3D modeling and printing as a skill in young minds.3Dexter envisions this technology to be at the core of education and an enabler of innovation. Currently their main focus is to establish labs for 3D printing in Delhi schools.

The main agenda of this company revolves around the objective of “Adding Dimensions to Learning”. Kids are exposed to real life projects so that this technology can boost their critical thinking, creativity and approach to problem solving techniques. In the span of seven months, the students have printed models of monuments, animals, toys and have worked on various interesting projects. Except these static models students are also developing working models of cars and motor boats. The students have also used this 3D printing technology in their science projects too by printing hearts and kidneys.

To make their learning more interesting and to check whether this technology is being understood by students or not, 3Dexter conducts several intra-school competitions (Designing Dexter League) on weekly basis. And since the students have worked so magnificently in past seven months, 3Dexter is also taking this intra-school competition to a much bigger level of inter-school competition this year.This will be the first time that the schools will be participating in a 3D printing competition.

To achieve it’s vision of spreading 3D printing all over india,3Dexter has been conducting free 3D printing workshops to make the schools realise the importance of this technology. The idea is to make 3D printing in Delhi the next big thing in coming years.