3Dexter is one of the leading companies in providing experiential learning processes at the grass root level through 3D Printing Technology. One of the major problems in the education sector is the lack of proper systems to provide experiential learning in schools and also the incapacity of edu tech companies in providing end to end support and full proof content to the students. We at 3Dexter have designed a 3D printing curriculum for the schools in sync with th3Dexter labs are setup in schools
e CBSE, IB and ICSE board and impart 3D Printing and Designing skills with proper classroom integration of the various subjects being taught to them. The core skills that we provide are visualization, problem solving, critical thinking, creativity and subject integration through physical experience.

Vision is to bring innovation at its core and start mini factories in schools where students Visualize-Design-Create. 3Dexter labs are setup in schools where a set of trainers train the students in this technology and assessments are done through monthly and quarterly projects. Our aim is to take this technology across all the schools in India and make it easier for them to learn.


3Dexter mission is to create awareness about 3D printing technology and bring experiential learning at the grassroot level. 3Dexter aims at empowering education institutions with a tool to enable creativity, problem solving and visualization skills in students which further helps them to learn things better and help them achieve more in their subjects.