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3Dexter offers a huge listing of 3D Printed academic models to subject teachers as a part of its Teacher’s Assistance model to the partner school. These models are in sync with the board the school is affiliated to, in the sense of subjects taught and respective prescribed chapters. The Academic Consultant as a part of the Product Development team will be responsible towards:

  • Devising strategies and communication tools with the academia to harness knowledge about conceptual learning through the use of 3D Printing Technology.
  • Researching on 3D printable academic models and designing interactive activities around them
  • Documenting detailed lesson plans and resources addressed to the Product Trainers (Operations) for every activity.
  • Developing and performing reiterations on 3Dexter’s curriculum Outlines in sync with the leading school boards: CBSE, ICSE, IB, CIE & State Boards
  • Participating in educational conferences and training workshops across India
  • Spreading word about the organisation’s efforts toward imparting STEM education through experiential learning
  • Conducting reviews and critical evaluations of the operational execution of such activities.
  • Building strong relationships with researchers, public agencies, nonprofits, and other relevant stakeholders in the field

Who can apply

Working professionals as well as freshers are invited to apply, preferably with a Science background.