India's only 3D Printing contest

Dexter designing league

After the massive success of Dexter Designing League last year, 3Dexter is back with the 2nd edition

Bigger, Better and Tougher!!

This season DDL will witness much larger participation from schools across Delhi/NCR region.DDL is a platform where students get to showcase their designing, problem solving and critical thinking skills by going through three rounds testing them on various parameters with the help of 3D Printing technology.This time DDL has three winning categories for junior, middle and senior level participants followed by an overall school trophy.

3Dexter is expecting to see participation from more than 15 schools, welcoming more than 100 participants.

Indian students using 3D Printing
Indian students using 3D Printing

What’s different this time?

Tougher Competition

Apart from making this season bigger and better,3Dexter is also inviting schools who don’t have 3Dexter curriculum but have access to 3D printers and want to participate in this thrilling competition.

Better Prizes

How about a  3Dexter Innovator for the winning prize?That’s right.This season the winning school will get a brand new 3Dexter Innovator along with the prestigious school trophy.And that’s not it,3Dexter is giving away individual prizes to extraordinary performers too.


This October will decide which school has the brightest and most innovative students ready to take the world by storm.So register your schools and make sure your students get the right platform to showcase their skills