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STAX3D Utilizes emerging technologies to innovate a pathway from your dreams to your reality; Dream, Design, Deliver. The 3Dexter curriculum which is integrated with the school boards in India has been endorsed and appreciated by STAX 3D.STAX 3D has been positioned as one of the top notch companies in Arizona and with it’s collaboration with 3Dexter,it hopes to promote 3D printing in India as well.


Sightline Maps is a web-based platform that enables users to identify a specific area on the world map and instantly convert the topography into a 3D printed model. With the emergence of this 3D sculpting software people are able to print the required locality from anywhere across the globe.3Dexter envisions to integrate Sightline maps with it’s curriculum and enhance subjects like geography.

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SelfCAD is a browser-based 3D CAD/CAM software designed from ground up for the 3D printing community. It includes a CURA based slicer with preset settings for most commonly used 3D printers and materials. It includes a 30,000+ Library of guaranteed printable objects through its MyMiniFactory partnership.
Its complete suite includes hard and soft modeling with advanced objects and image generators. With this partnership 3Dexter aims to make this software available to each and every young innovator in India in order to boost their creativity and visualisation skills.

Vote 3D is a website with a purpose to spread 3D printing technology across globe.On this website members can upload their designs and also rate other designs.With that Vote 3D has a large pool of designs and a discussion forum wherein people can brainstorm on latest 3D printing trends.With this partnership all the students enrolled under 3Dexter can upload and share their designs with the rest of the world.